Enhanced Capital Managing Partner Mark Slusar was recently featured in Creditflux’s Credit Rendezvous, where he commented on US direct lending and the pressure rising input costs put on small companies. Creditflux’s Credit Rendezvous is a popular quarterly report highlighting various credit strategies and industry leaders.

Despite inflation presenting challenges for small companies, Mark points out that the supply chain crises following the pandemic have largely resolved themselves. He also noted opportunities resulting from pressures direct lending portfolio companies have faced from rate hikes, energy price increases, and labor shortages.

“Most of these businesses have weathered [supply chain challenges] and a lot of opportunities have opened up. Since they have onshore supply chains, some of our borrowers have the opportunity to sell to other US-based chains because of their geographic locality.” 

Read Mark’s piece in Creditflux’s Credit Rendezvous Q3 2022 issue.