Over $270 million deployed and 12,000+ jobs supported through Enhanced Capital’s Small Business Lending, Impact Real Estate, and Climate Finance investment strategies

Enhanced Capital, a leading impact investing firm with over 20 years of investment experience in Small Business Lending, Impact Real Estate, and Climate Finance, today released its 2021 Community Impact Report.

The report highlights the Firm’s achievements since its inception (1999) and illustrates notable transactions and projects that exemplify how Enhanced Capital has succeeded in driving positive impact in its three core investment strategies. The report also underscores the Firm’s commitment to investing in small businesses and projects across the United States that generate quantifiable impact and support economic growth and job creation, underserved communities, underrepresented populations, and environmental sustainability.

“Enhanced Capital’s strong track record built over the last 21 years uniquely positions the Firm to further broaden the reach of our impact,” said Michael Korengold, CEO of Enhanced Capital. “Our exceptional team of professionals is dedicated to supporting our borrowers, developers, and business partners to ensure positive outcomes for their communities.”

Notable 2021 Highlights from the Report:

  • Over $270 million deployed through Enhanced Capital’s Small Business Lending, Impact Real Estate, and Climate Finance investment strategies.
  • 12,000+ jobs supported. Enhanced Capital’s investments spur job creation and economic growth that ripples through communities. These U.S.-based jobs are critical to a strong economy.
  • 94 megawatts installed through our Climate Finance strategy. The clean energy generated by this solar infrastructure will offset nearly 4 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions over the lifetime of the projects’ panels.
  • Average poverty rate of 28% in the communities reached by Enhanced Capital’s Impact Real Estate investments. Enhanced Capital’s investments bring needed services and community resources, including education, affordable housing, and healthcare, to these highly distressed areas.
  • Over 30 transactions were closed with borrowers or developers that identify as women, people of color, or veterans. Enhanced Capital targets underrepresented populations to bridge the capital gap that persists for these individuals.

Most recently, Enhanced Capital was recognized by ImpactAssets and selected for the IA 50 2022, a prestigious database of impact investment fund managers. This distinct recognition highlights Enhanced Capital’s commitment to impact investing and our accomplishments to date.

Since 1999, Enhanced Capital’s mission has been to unlock value for private investors seeking returns through socially responsible investment initiatives and align private sector resources with public policy goals to transform local economies to the benefit of both investors and community stakeholders.

The annual Community Impact Report acts as a recommitment to Enhanced Capital’s work and a reminder of the very tangible impact its investments have generated. It also brings new promise for the future as we continue to increase our scale.

Download the Enhanced Capital 2021 Community Impact Report to learn more about the Firm’s achievements.


Enhanced Capital Group, LLC, and its affiliates, is an Equal Opportunity Provider. Information presented is for discussion purposes only and is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation of any offer to buy any securities, investment product, or investment advisory services. This is not an offering or the solicitation of an offer to purchase an interest in a fund. This report is comprehensive and extensive efforts were made by Enhanced to verify all information presented.