Dusty Dickerson, a Managing Director at Enhanced Capital, recently spoke with Samantha Rowan of Real Estate Capital USA for a piece on “Filling the Affordable Housing Lending Gap” for the February/March 2022 issue. The feature touched on the co-operation between various stakeholders in developing and redeveloping affordable housing and real estate investing that promotes impact.

“City and state governments are essential in developing and redeveloping projects with financial incentives and zoning and non-profits are essential in the on-going training for the people who are the end users of the property,” Dickerson tells Real Estate Capital USA. “There is a whole party of folks who are focused on long-term impact creation.”

“We also focus on economic growth and job creation, environmental sustainability, the re-use of existing buildings, and the ability to redevelop existing areas instead of developing new properties,” Dickerson says.

“If you’re a lender or investor, you can deploy capital into projects that create and impact and align with your missions and themes,” Dickerson says. “There is an opportunity for real market-rate, risk-adjusted returns in the asset class. It just takes someone who understands all of the programs and stakeholders to not get scared away.”

Dusty is a Managing Director for Enhanced Capital and co-heads the firm’s Impact Real Estate group. Dusty holds a Master of Finance degree from Tulane University as well as a degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Mississippi.

To read Dusty’s feature, view the “Filling the Affordable Housing Lending Gap” piece.