Enhanced Capital Managing Director Dusty Dickerson, and Vice President Laurel Hearn spoke with Jordyn Hronec at the Pittsburgh Business Times about the redevelopment of the iconic Triangle Building in Pittsburgh, PA. This project was made possible through the firm’s partnership with developer Hullett Properties and federal and Pennsylvania Historic Tax Credits.

Initially constructed in 1868, the rehabilitation is expected to be completed near the end of 2023. The project will support historic building preservation, renewable energy and energy efficiency, commercial and mixed-used redevelopment, and includes affordable housing units.

“The government recognizes that these projects by their nature are more expensive and complicated than going outside of town and building on a greenfield,” said Dusty Dickerson, managing director of Enhanced Capital’s New Orleans office, regarding the project’s use of Historic Tax Credits. “They say they don’t build them like they used to, and that’s true in this case.”

Visit the Pittsburgh Business Times to read the full article: Triangle Building redevelopment moves forward with historic tax credits secured.