Ian McCulley, a Director at Enhanced Capital, spoke about the Firm’s investment in Tormenta Football Club (Tormenta FC) and its significant impact in Statesboro, GA, on WSAV, a local NBC and CW affiliate. After necessary financing for the Tormenta FC stadium and mixed-use development was extensively delayed, Enhanced Capital stepped in and provided an investment to help job creation, support 50% woman-owned business, and economic and social benefits for an underserved community.

The primary tenants will be Tormenta FC professional soccer teams, Georgia Southern University Men’s and Women’s NCAA Division I soccer programs, and the Ibis Foundation, a non-profit geared to providing access to youth soccer training programs. The stadium will also be used for entertainment purposes, further increasing economic activity in the area.

“And so when we see projects like this that have great community impact, create 400 construction jobs, $60 million of you know added economic value to the community. It’s just really, I think, radically changing the southside of Statesboro,” said Ian McCulley, the director of Enhanced Capital.

Watch the feature on WSAV.